The Sky is not the Limit!

Try your luck in the game of the new generation

New game with high returns!

Aviator is an online game for money with the ability to make profit by increasing your bet according to the odds up to x100.

Let’s start your trip to the win! 

Aviator is a new kind of social multiplayer game consisting of an increasing curve that can crash anytime. When the round starts, a scale of multiplier starts growing. The player must cash out before the lucky plane flies away.

Sky Is Not A Limit!

Why Aviator is so unique?

  •  You decide when to cash out your winnings
  • Transparent and fair play on cryptographic technology
  • All players can view bets and winnings of other players through Live Bets.
  • There is an option to place 2 bets at once. You can ensure the 2nd bet with the 1st one!
  • In-game chat allows players to communicate, thus enriching the iGaming experience. Integrated tools allow for players to share every round played.
Have you ever dreamt of flights?
In-game chat is a great tool for creating game community with loyal players.
Everyone can see how much other players are betting and winning.
In-game statistics module with biggest and hugest wins presented as daily, monthy or all time leaderboard.